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About NSNET / People Working Together Help Communities Grow
The Nova Scotia Community Organization Network provides a reference for citizens, community organizations and agencies in Nova Scotia. NSNET promotes links to resources that support individuals facing a disability and or health challenge. A more inclusive community can develop potential and well being of citizens to achieve active healthy independent living. NSNET supports community networking and access to information that may assist families, professionals and others.

The Community Organization Network represents community organizations in Nova Scotia that serve citizens of all ages facing disability and health challenges. This project is supported by the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre and its Community Support Services program. The Technical Resource Centre provides technical support in developing content and managing this web site services for not-for-profit community organizations. 

The Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) serves us as another information tool that we should take advantage of. The focus of this site is to develop a network of organizations, information and resources from around Nova Scotia that could assist parents and families, professionals and other agencies when seeking possible supports and resources. This site is always being maintained and developed, so we encourage feedback and suggestions. This site manages listings that are alphabetical,  regional and by subject or topic.

Our Vision

"Every individual regardless of the serverity of the challenge should be given the chance, training, technology, respect and encouragement to achieve active partcipation and well being in the home, school, rehabilitation, work place and community."

Our goals are:

  • To promote the potential of challenged individuals and their abilities, and their social and emotional well being.

  • To foster a community spirit of giving, sharing, networking and cooperation among organizations and consumers from their respective communities.

  • To promote and assist organizations that provides potential consumers with valuable information and resources from both in their communities.

  • To develop and host web sites for organizations through consultation and technical supports.

  • To utilize technology and the Internet to foster communication and the exchanging of information among citizens, consumers, groups, organizations, agencies, and local and provincial government

  • To link and reference any existing organizations on the internet in Nova Scotia that enhances the value of the network for consumers.

  • To activity address accessibility issues by developing and maintaining web sites that balanced in graphic and html design to allow for the fullest participation and access of all citizens possible.

Joining the Network

How do we become a member and obtain a free organization web site?

Any organization, agency and/or group that supports children, adults and seniors for any type of disability, can become an associated member at no cost. The organization will receive a web site with a url or web address like this example, You do not require an internet account to have a web site. Ley your web site be another means to promote and provide consumers with information about you.

What information is required from the organization to obtain a web site?

Information about your organization would include such things as mission statements, description of the services and programs, contact persons, address, phone and so on. If you have a brochure, graphic/logo, photos and any other information about your group, just simply pass this information onto the Technical Resource Center. If the text of your information was available on diskette in any format, it would be appreciated although this is not necessary. If you have access to email, you could forward information and text to All photos will be returned to you. For any further information, contact or visit us via mail, phone, fax or email at:

NSNET Project Manager
Technical Resource Centre
c/o Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre
P.O. Box 128
Waterville, N.S. B0P 1V0
Tel: (902) 538-3103 ext:112
Fax: (902) 538-7022

What if our organization has a web site?
If you submit your url or web address to us, we will visit your site and offer the following assistance:

  • Link and reference your site under our directories and feature it.
    We do request however, that your site represent an association with an nsnet logo and a reciprocal link to Copy the logo below and place it on the front page of your web site where you determine best. The bottom of the page and centered is fine. Please show your support. If you require any assistance please contact us.

  • We offer your site manager any technical support if needed for design, graphic layout and html development.

  • Access to the TRC training facility for consultations to maximize the benefits of the internet in your organization.

  • Generally we can share any knowledge and experience with the internet with you.
Supported by
Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre
Technical Resource Centre